Sunflower seeds “SUPER SONYAH”


“SUPER SONYAH” metal pack
package: 50 g.
number of bags in a package: 10 pcs.

“SUPER SONYAH” metal pack
package: 80 g.
number of bags in a package: 10 pcs.

“SUPER SONYAH” metal pack
package: 120 g.
number of bags in a package: 10 pcs.


Long shelf life

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TM “SONYAH – Fabryka smaku” produces fried sunflower seeds packed in bright transparent and metallized packages of various weights and calibers.
Roasted sunflower seeds “SONYAH” has an original and memorable design, a unique taste, familiar from childhood, and an affordable price. The benefits of fried sunflower seeds are high in vitamin D and many essential amino acids that support normal metabolism.
For the production of fried sunflower seeds TM “SONYAH” we use only high-quality raw materials from the leading farms of the Kherson region, which undergoes strict quality control in the laboratory. The seeds are calibrated and cleaned of mechanical impurities and dust. The roasting process itself is fully automated and takes place in electric ovens, which guarantees uniform roasting.
For transportation, fried sunflower seeds TM “SONYAH” packed in polypropylene packages of 20 pieces and in strong cardboard blocks, 5 packages each. The packages of fried seeds themselves have a bright, memorable design that compares favorably with competitors’ products.
Roasted sunflower seeds TM “SONYAH” is well known in the market and is popular with connoisseurs of large confectionery seeds.
If you want roasted sunflower seeds wholesale or retail, our company has a convenient and flexible system of discounts for distributors, partners, as well as wholesale and retail customers.