Assorted cereals


net weight: 1 kg.
packing: block
number of packs in a package: 10 pcs.


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Cereals are a valuable source of energy and nutrients. They contain “healthy calories” that the body needs very much. When buying cereals, you need to take into account the various properties of each of them in order to compose your diet, in accordance with the characteristics of each person’s body.
It is better not to cook the groats, but to soak them in boiling water. So it will retain more vitamins, especially for buckwheat, which contains a lot of B vitamins.
Cereals TM “SONYAH – Fabryka smaku” are packed in beautiful and convenient packages. The packaging of cereals “SONYAH – Fabryka smaku” is environmentally friendly, has a bright and modern design, practical form, together it allows you to compactly place the entire range of products on the counter, which visually stands out from similar products.
To preserve the freshness and primary taste characteristics of products during the entire shelf life, a special sticker-sticker allows you to hermetically seal the bag after opening it.
If you want to buy cereals TM “SONYAH – Fabryka smaku”, then we are glad to inform you that we have delivery in Vinnytsia region and in all regions of the country.