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    The Sonya Factory is one of the leading enterprises in Vinnitsa region, which since 1998 specializes in the production of food products of the grocery group, snacks and individual products of the non-food group.


    Sunya’s Taste Factory produces and supplies a wide range of sunflower oil, roasted sunflower seeds, cereals, vinegar and other products. The company does not stop at the achieved and continues to grow dynamically. The company has its own certified laboratory with multi-stage quality control at each stage of production. Continuous attention is paid to equipment modernization, introduction of the latest production technologies and improvement of quality of service.


    Sonya is engaged in the manufacture and sale of the following products: sunflower oil, sunflower seeds roasted, table wine vinegar, natural alcohol vinegar, cereals, toilet paper, fuel pellets, sunflower oil.



  • Privat Lable

    In addition to its own brands, the company produces custom-made products under the Private Label. Actually production of a full cycle allows to produce and pack sunflower oil as much as possible, groats in assortment, fried seeds and other snacks.

  • Making PET -bars

    All equipment for blowing PET packaging in our company has a number of constructive solutions that allow achieving the delivered performance and quality of molded bottles.

  • Laboratory research

    The high quality of products of the TM "Sonya" is ensured by well-established production, modern equipment, skilled personnel and control of each stage of production: from the receipt of raw materials to the production of finished products. Quality control is carried out in the certified production laboratory, in accordance with the current normative documentation.

  • Distribution
  • Export

    Products under the trade mark "Sunflowers" are well known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. In 2008 the company entered the international market. Today, the company exports products to more than 20 countries worldwide and the geography of brand representation is constantly expanding. We deliver products to countries such as Canada, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Gabon and others.

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